Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Xenos Family is Packing Up...

....and movin' on out.
The fact that I'm writing this post feels quite surreal...
Or it could be the two fishbowl margaritas I had at dinner. 
Margaritas are known for making ya feel a  foggy.
Regardless, we've officially sold our house and as of a few hours ago, we are under contract on our new home.  With all the contracts finally in place, I felt it only appropriate to finally blog about it.
And in true Xenos form, we celebrated tonight with liquor.
Well, celebrated isn't the right word.
We toasted to 'new beginnings.'
How lame is that?? 
I told Jon he needed to come up with a better toast, then I got distracted with the delivery of cheese dip and my second fishbowl.
Needless to say, 'new beginnings' it was.

As sad as we are to leave our home sweet lake home, it's the right move for our growing family.
No Ma, I'm not pregnant.
Yet....  ;)
We currently live about an hour from my folks and another 2.5 hours from Jon's.  We learned soon after Lara was born that the saying really is true. It takes an army to raise a child.
The home we are under contract on is  much closer to our family,
and that's what matters most in life, right?
Margaritas, they make me so sappy.
Stay tuned for more to come on the big Xenos move of 2015!


Melissa {Persnickety Plates} said...

Congratulations!! We closed on our new house mid-February & it looks like the move is starting this weekend. Most stressful thing ever. Mostly because our current house hasn't sold. & I've lived in it for 11 years. & I don't do well with change. But cheers to new beginnings!! ;)

Kait said...

Congratulations! This is so exciting and I'm so happy you will be closer to family. We are SO looking forward to leaving Hawaii this summer for that very same reason :)

Sarah said...

So so exciting!