Wednesday, January 4, 2017

SJ || One Month

I hope you all dig the new vibe around here!  I have to give a massive shout out to Chelsea at GetPolished, for her amazing design and even more amazing tutorials that walk non-techie's like me, thru the process of coding.  I've been working on the install all week and here we are...our big debut. I feel like I just scoured my entire house from top to bottom, and everything's fresh and shiny.  

Except for I'm referring to my blog and my laundry still sits in piles on my dirty floor.  

Hashtag housewife fail.  

The only thing cute enough to be featured as the first post with the new design, is my very own Sadie June!  Why, as moms, are we always so shocked when our baby grows?  I mean, even though you know it's's still so bittersweet when it actually arrives.  

Needless to say, Miss June Bug is officially one month old!

Sadie June: By The Month

Sadie is.....One Month!
(as of January 1st)

Sadie Weighs .....Probably around 8.5-9 lbs

Sadie's Height.....Probably around 20-21 inches

Sadie is Wearing.....NEWBORN clothes and a few 0-3 month onesies, simply because I'm so bored with all the newborn attire.  We just transitioned her to size 1 diapers, but she could've stayed in newborn if we had a few more boxes.  She's a nugget!

Sadie is Sleeping....not very well, my friends.  However, last night she only woke up ONCE.  The past week or so, we've been up every 2-2.5 hours.  Needless to say, I felt like a whole new woman this morning, thanks to my amazing husband who took the one feeding last night.  That means I officially got a full nights rest!

Sadie is Eating.....3-4 oz

Sadie Loves.....CUDDLING!  She is such a little sweetheart and I'm just crazy about her.  She also loves cheesy lullabies, just like her big sis.  I bought the Graco Sweet Slumber portable sound machine because I couldn't keep using my phone to play music for hours at a time.  So far, I love it.  Thank you, Amazon Prime.

Also, Sadie loves to pee and poop all over whatever she can as soon as her diaper is removed.  She's a professional that.  Have you ever seen projectile poop?  I now have.

Sadie Hates.....getting her nose sucked out.  HATES it.  
But I can't say I blame her.  Who would like someone sticking a rubber tube up their nostril? 
Not me.  

I'm trying to think of anything else she dislikes, but honestly, she's a super easy going baby so far.  There isn't alot that ruffles her feathers and I totally love that about her!

The one thing that the jury's still out on....bathtime.  Sometimes she digs it, sometimes not so much.  I just bought her a new tub so she can bathe with big sis and I can't WAIT to use it.

Again, thank you, Amazon Prime. 

That's all for now! 
 I'm heading out to take Sadie to her first happy hour.  
Don't judge me. 

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