Thursday, July 26, 2012

48 Hours 'Till Race Day: Please don't let my husband marry a slut.

                                            I can't believe race day is finally upon me.

I have run over 100 miles, burned over 11,000 calories and lost almost 10 lbs in preparation for this run.  And honestly, I could not be more excited.

I realize that it will be 8,000 degrees outside and that my feet will literally feel like they are on fire each time my foot hits the pavement.  That's what you get for signing up for a July race in Kansas City. 
Perfect planning on my part. 


I have been training in the evenings in order to prepare my body for the frickin' sauna that is outside right now.  Yes, my runs are a 1000 times more difficult in the heat.  But hey, it can't get worse than this. 

Well it could, but then I'd have a heat stroke. 

And that wouldn't be good, would it?

If I'm not back on Monday, you know that's what happened.  If my Instagram feed suddenly stops.  RIP Anne.

On that note, I love you all.  Thanks for your support. 

And please don't let my husband marry a slut.  I'll haunt that bitch.

In the event that I do have a heat stroke, someone better carry my ass across that finish line. 

Because damn it, I WILL finish this race.  Even dead.

Now bring on the carbs, protein & gallons of water. 

And mostly, Bring It On Crossroads District.  I plan to dominate the shit out of you.


Sarah said...

Yayayya!! You can do it!! I'll be sweating my booty off in Indianapolis running on Saturday! Just think, it has to be a tad cooler in the am than it has been on these humid night runs!! Can't wait to hear how it goes!! Good luck!

Sara K said...

I can barely walk in heat let alone run - you go girl! Please don't die, I'll miss you so. xoxo

arianapia said...

Rock on sister! I am doing a race in Boston on Saturday and it is going to be HOT! Haven't really been running too much over the last few weeks so hopefully I don't die. You are in better shape than me!! :)

Can't wait to hear about it next week!

Gretchen said...

Good luck with your race! You've put the work in for it, so you'll be fine! :) I'll be running the Warrior Dash on Sunday...what was I thinking???

Jordan said...

You got this!

Alyssa said...

You have so got this, girl!! I'm excited for you! And I also sympathize with you. This heat is killer!

jami lynn said...

You're going to kick that 5k's ass, so hard! Have a (or several) cold boozy beverage of choice after it's all over! Good luck!

kjpugs said...

DOES THAT MEAN TODAY IS RACE DAY?!?! Crap I hope you didn't die since this is your most recent post. Please update ASAP. I am SURE that you finished and were awesome, though!!!! Go Anne!!!