Thursday, October 25, 2012

Saw It, Pinned It, Did It: Halloween Edition

This new link up hosted by the fabulous duo, Katie & Steph, could not have come at a better time.

Considering my house has been completely overtaken with glue guns, modge podge & lotssssss of orange & black.

Thank you Michaels.

I picked my 3 fave DIY's I completed in prep for our first Halloween Part-tay last weekend. 

Some of you have seen some teasers on my Instagram (@annexenos) feed these past couple weeks, but I saved some for this link up.

If you're stopping by from KCCO, first and foremost....WELCOME FRIENDS!  Secondly, you've seen the adorABLE Glass Vase Makeover. 

The original source was of course, our dear friend Pinterest.

View original source here.

This is pretty cut & dry folks, you glue the orange carstock to the vase with the black cardstock design on top. 

I know, super easy. 

The only thing I would add to Katie's instructions is to stay FAR away from the spray adhesive.  Go with the Modge Podge, folks.

Way easier & now my absolute FAVORITE crafting supply.  I use it TIME & TIME again.  The black roses....impossible to find.  I bought some cheapo ones from Walmart & the $0.96 black spray paint, and threw those puppies in the vase.  So Halloween-ey.

View original pin here.

This project is great when you have that perfect little wall to hang it on.  Since the main wall of our living room is french doors, there was the perfect spot right between both sets of doors.

Supplies Needed:
White (or wooden) Letters
Halloween Craft Paper
And of course, ol faithful, Modge Podge

Trace, cut, glue & hang!

View original pin here.

If you have a mantle, you can agree that it is the BEST place to decorate season in and season out. 

Supplies Needed:
All the supplies listed for the project above, two super cute projects & only one set of supplies!

I will say, this project is not for the in patient.  It took me about 3.5 hours to complete, but so worth it.
A tip for you:  BE SURE & MEASURE OUT FLAGS.  Don't try to wing it.  Measure the mantle, see what space you have to work with.  Cut the ribbon that will HOLD the flags first, then measure & see what size flags will fit.  I used the back of the half used Halloween paper for my white circles, versus buying white cardstock.

Ok...almost done.  Just a couple more.

I don't have a good daylight pic of this next project, so I'll use the actual Pinterest photo to give you an idea of how it turned out.

I saw the inspiration photo and just KNEW I had to re create.  So, I went to our local Pier1.   Does anyone else have a love affair with that place???  If I was rich, I would be in there EVERYDAY.  Ugghhh.  I die over their decor!!

Anyway, we have a long concrete staircase leading down to our house.  So what better accent than light up pumpkins!  Snagged these suckers up (on sale of course) for around $15.  The hooks, compliments of Home Depot. 

Speaking of love affairs.....(cough cough, Home Depot, cough).

And last, but absolutely not least.  My FAVORITE Halloween decor at the Xenos house this season...

View original pin here.

Everyone has a wheelbarrow....or maybe it's a Midwest thing. 

Grab yourself a bag 'o bones & a bag o' dirt, and plop the wheelbarrow wherever you please.

I hope you love how everything turned out!  I know I do.

Just call me Ms. Pinterest. 

Now head on over & link up!


Katie said...

how come you didn't tell me about the modge podge?! Holding out on me, huh? Kidding. ;) the wheelbarrow is classic! You have been ONE busy lady!

putthefuninfun said...

Adorable! I love that vase could switch up the patterns for different holidays. I'll definitely be attempting this...

Unknown said...

Ha!! I love the wheelbarrow full of "bones" !

Miranda said...

clever!!! love the letters and banner especially!

Stephanie said...

Ok go you with all these halloween decorations!! I barely just bought a pumpkin lol!! LOVE the "BOO" sign and the skeleton in the wheelbarrow! So cute!

Thanks for linking up with us!! See ya next week for round two, yes?! ;)

Because Shanna Said So said...

Stooooooop!! Everything you did is so FREAKING cute! My fave is the Boo wood letters!!! So cute!!!