Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Today I am reminded....

That there is so much more going on in the world, so much deeper and profound than words can even describe. Deeper than politics. Deeper than the tedious things we worry about on a day in day out basis.

This has absolutely nothing to do with politics.

While everyone whines and moans all over social media today about who won the election, there is a wonderful man, friend, father, pastor and husband dying of the terrible disease that cancer is.

Joey is his name.

He's vibrant, engaging and has a gift from God that enables him to reach deep within youth and adults alike, showing them how amazing God is.

He has three children, the youngest a daughter named Josy.

11 months ago, Joey was diagnosed & it was terminal from the start.

Most recently he was told that realistically he only has 2-3 years to live. While that may seem like a lot compared to the terrible news some receive everyday, it's never enough.

He won't get to see Josy walk down the aisle, or go to Prom...or teach her how to drive. He won't see his two older boys go on to be amazing with whatever task they take on.

While I grew up without a father, it was still never natural to think that he wouldn't give me away on my wedding day. In fact, many years were shed that week. Tears of joy knowing he would forever be looking down on me, proud as hell that I found an amazing man to share my life with. But also tears of pain that still lie deep within, that my father has missed so much.

And here you have Josy...

I want to share a profound statement Josy made, spoken on behalf of her mother, Dawn.

"Health is valuable but it's so easily taken for granite. Even more valuable is our view of God. Josy recently watched again "Letters to God" Sunday. As tears flowed down my face, she said, "mom it is okay, God has chosen us for this because He knows how we will go through it and He trusts us to do it". If she can trust God, can you?"

In this time of giving thanks for all the "stuff" we have, remember to give thanks for things much deeper than what the eye can see. And remember to thank God, or whoever it is that you pray to, that you have the ones you love around you this holiday season.

Because that's what matters the most.


Shawn Hook said...

Oh my daughter, I also bear the pain that you have to bear such a pain. Your blog today shows who you really are. Love you, Mom

Kait said...

You are such a sweet person. I love your genuine, real factor. I'm sending love and prayers your way.

Monica said...

As I sit here with tears in my eyes I thank you for reminding me how precious life is and to not loose sight of that no matter how tough life may seem!