Friday, November 16, 2012


Ok, ok....I owe you all a monstrous apology.  I posted some teaser pictures from our recent cruise on Insta over a week ago, and here we are.  Still nuthin'.  And yes, I know I spelled nuthin' wrong. 

To my defense, I came back to a super stressful work load.  I would explain further but I've never really told you all what I actually do for a living, so it wouldn't make much sense.  Also, I have chosen to keep my professional life totally private from Hell on Heels.  I do however plan to give you all a glimpse into my day job one of these days, just not sure when.

But back to our vaca.

It was ahhhhmazing ya'all. 

It's official, we are cruisers.  We went on one for our honeymoon & decided to do another to see if we loved it because it was our first romantic vacation together...or if we really loved the aspect of cruisin'. 

And let me tell ya, we love the aspect of crusin'.

Booze.  A Beautiful Ship.  Fruity Cocktails.  Your Own Waterpark.  Vodka.  Mini Golf & A Hotdog Stand SHAPED Like A Hotdog.  Whiskey.  Breakfast With A View.  And More Vodka.

We were on one of Carnival's newer ships, The Carnival Magic.  MUCH much bigger than our last, however we have to say, I have no complaints about the smaller ships.  They may not have all the fluff, but we loved both equally as much.

This cruise however will always hold a special place in our heart.  Because, ya 'all.  We were lucky enough to land on one of the semi annual Gay-ribbean cruises that Carnival hosts.

 We saw more gay flags than Chaz Bono on steroids.  But we loved every fluorescent speedo we saw, especially the ones who had pink sparkly toenails to match.

While we're on the subject of everything we loved about our cruise, gay & alls, let's talk about the absolutely fantastic italian restaurant on board:  Cucina De Capitano.

DELISH.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

You know what else we love?

Towel Animals.

I know, we're so grown up.

If you could have only seen Jon & I, the morning we walked out onto the pool deck after breakfast to fine THIS!!!!!!

Towel animals were EVERYWHERE.

We. Went. Crazy.

Crazy in love that is.  Kind of like how I'm crazy in love with this guy.

And lastly, we WOULD NOT be doing this cruise justice if I didn't tell you all about the coolest pub of ALL TIME

Too bad it's not on land.

One of the reasons we fell in love with this place, well actually, THE reason we fell in love with this place was when we discovered these.

Delightfully refreshing blue fishbowl FULL of fantastic-ness.

After one of those you feel like you can conquer the world, err, casino.

But no need to go into details involving our casino trips.

We'll save that for a rainy day.

Kind of like the time Jon got hypnotized & asked a woman to give him back his belly button.

"Excuse me Miss, will you please give me back my belly button?"

Reason #897890675 why we LOVE cruises.

Stay week I'm hopeful to give you all a recap of our 3 shore excursions:
Jamaica, Grand Cayman & Mexico!


Unknown said...

you go in your cutout dress !! lookin good :) looks like fun - i'd love to go on a cruise with my hubby. last time i cruised it was with my senior class- needless to say i don't remember much :/

Veronica and Daniel said...

Oh, these pictures make me wish we were leaving on a boat tomorrow! We LOVE LOVE LOVE cruises. Looks like you guys had a blast :)

Unknown said...

So jealous! My husband does not like the idea of a cruise, and your pictures make me think it is like heaven!

Laura said...

Sounds like you had a blast! Good for you! Have a great weekend.

Kait said...

You had me at towel animal. I can fold a napkin like nobody's business but towel animals..Lord help me, I love those things. Looks like you had a FAB trip and THAT BLACK DRESS! Damn girl. Love it!

Brooke said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Loved all your pics! That big blue drink looks so yummy!

Your newest follower,



Sarah said...

How stinkin fun! I would have been all over those towel animals too.

Look at you sexy mama in that cutout dress!!

kjpugs said...

Your cruise sounds so fun!!! I also love towel animals. And drinks. I love all drinks with booooze. You guys are adorable!