Friday, November 30, 2012

Our Favorite Place on Earth: Grand Cayman Island

Has anyone else been to this beautiful island?  If so, you can totally relate to me here. 
Grand Cayman was

When Jon & I win the lottery (which by the way, the winner of that crazy powerball earlier this week...yeah, they lived about 45 minutes from us), we will be buying a house for us & a house for everyone we love to come visit.  Keyword there, visit.

The whole vibe the island was just amazing.  From the moment we got off the big boat & into the little one to take us ashore, you can just feel it.


Jon & I decided to horseback ride on the beach.  Holy Fun-ness.

I had the biggest smile on my face the entire time. 
Add that to the mammoth cheesedick plastic helmets we had to wear, and this is what we looked like.

Foxy, I  know.

We rode this little bus across the entire island, clear to the opposite end.  We loved it because we got to see a good portion of Grand Cayman on the trip.  We pulled up to this tiny little stable, and when I say stable, I mean a bunch of horses tied to bamboo trees.

It was awesome.

We threw on those terrible helmets, got assigned horses  and took off on our ride!

Isn't she a beauty?  

After our ride we took a taxi to the famous Sevin Mile Beach where we enjoyed the local beer, Caybrew.

Caybrew with a view? 
I'll take it.

After enjoying some of the local delicacies we strolled down the beach, took a dip to cool off & watched a guy roll around in a huge rubber ball.

If anyone knows where you can buy a huge rubber ball to play in, let us know.

(That's what she said)

We bid fairwell to the island we fell in love with, in the only appropriate way we knew how.

A couple last minute cold Caybrews in brown paper bags, while sitting on a park bench.

We could so be homeless people in Grand Cayman.

Homeless people with a lifetime supply of Caybrew that is.


Katie said...

So fun! I've heard great things about cayman. What makes it so great? do tell!

Alisa Marie said...

Looks like so much fun! We went to St. Thomas this year and it had the same kind of vibe!

Sarah said...

This looks super fun. Be sure to get an extra next time because I'm coming with you.