Thursday, December 6, 2012

Saw It. Pinned It. Did It. Christmas 2012 Edition.

Ok, ok...enough about the cruise.  Hope you enjoyed all the recaps & photos.  We had  a great time & I loved having the chance to share some of our memories with you all.

Moving onto all things CHRISTMAS!  I have had TWO different people wish me a happy holiday this morning, just in case they don't see me beforehand. 


We still have 3 weeeeeeeks.

And this sistah hasn't purchased ONE gift yet.

So please stop wishing me a happy holiday.  Your stressing me out.

But not the kind of stress that a glass of Pinot Noir can't take care of. 
Thanks for the love on my Instagram (@annexenos) last night. 
You gals sure love seeing pics of VINO. 
And that's why I love all of you.

Linking up today with Katie & Steph with what this crazy crafter has been up to these past couple weeks.  I saw this pin and feel in love instantly. 
I love the rustic look.  Love the color, love the writing & I absolutely LOVE everything about the poem it came from. 

And the idea just grew from there...

So off to Michael's I went. 

Went home, painted them.  Let them dry overnight and sanded the hell out of the eges.

Then grabbed one of these....
(Sharpie makes the ABSOLUTE best paint pens.  TRUST ME. I've done lots of trial & error)

And wrote away!

Since I have LOTS of built in shelves on each side of the fireplace, I chose several of my favorite verses & spread them out around the room.

I ended up hanging my sign from the mantle with burlap ribbon.  I then drilled a couple holes & twisted in the burlap knobs...

Whipped together the stockings & hung them up!

The stockings are a little project that perhaps I'll share next week.
They are a work in progress, but I'm loving them more & more as they come together.
These signs are the perfect rustic touch to our rustic holiday decor this year.  I just love 'em.

Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration!

And while we're talking all things holiday, I'll leave you with this little heartthrob.

19 days and counting..........

Now go link up & join in the fun!


Katie said...

You NEED an etsy shop my dear!! Seriously!! You are ALWAYS crafting. Love it all! Belle is such a model and fox with that outfit!

Catherine said...

Sharpie paint is real?! Holy moly, lady! You're house looks amazing!

Wine and Summer said...

I love those! They look amazing! Nice job girl!

Amy said...

Omg... TOO stinkin cute!! Love it!! Great job!!

Lauren said...

Love this! I made something really similar this year!


Unknown said...

They look great! Did you free hand the writing, or did you do some fancy copying thing, because your hand writing is so cute in these! I'd be so stressed out that I would make it look ugly or not straight or something...