Friday, December 28, 2012

Armed & Ready....for some GIRL TIME.

I know I've said this before & I'll say it again....there are not alot of things in life better than an impromptu night out with your 'ol girlfriends.  Throw in some cheesedip & it becomes orgasmic.

Am I right or am I right?

My sorority (DELTA DELTA DELTA baby) sisters & I always get together around the holidays, and it's one of the main things I look forward to this time of year.  We all live fairly close to one another, minus the Montana-ers, Chicagoans & Seattle-ers so we're pretty blessed.  However we don't get together near as much as we should.  But even when several months pass between our get togethers, we reconnect like we saw eachother just the week before. 

I love hearing about where everyone is in their lives....doctorate programs, marriage, new relationships blossoming, careers & babies babies babies.  Each of these ladies hold a special place in my heart & for that, I'll always be grateful. 

Sistahs 'fo life.

And let me just say, the merlot induced fuzziness I feel today....SO worth it.

Lucky for me, I had just lathered up my nails in a new polish I got for Christmas. 
Great mani for girls night & perfect opportunity to link up with my homegirl T-dawg (and her co-host Vicki) for their annual Nail Files link up. 

I had forgotten how much I love Essie polish. 
You can always count on them going on smooth, always looking great & holding up thru rough days.  Like a good husband should be.

Hope you all have a wonderful & relaxing weekend planned!

Date night tonight with Mr. Xenos & our last holiday shin dig at our home Saturday evening, otherwise some much needed R&R. 

On a serious note, one of Jon's dear friends that he grew up with passed away over the Christmas holiday.  Only 30 years old.....just heartbreaking.  We are attending his funeral tomorrow morning.  Please keep his family & loved ones in your prayers over these next few days.


Casey said...

Ooooooh I LOVE that polish!!!

Laura said...

I love that color! I may have to add it to my collection. Looks like you had a fun girls night. Happy New Year lady!

tara said...

looks like a fun girls night! that nail polish is PERFECTION! loves it!

the style soup said...

love that polish...Essie is great!