Thursday, December 13, 2012

SPD Link Up: Ice Skate Edition

Can I just is it that Christmas is a measly 2 week away?  This December has flown by...and for the gal that's spent more time crafting this holiday season versus holiday shopping, no bueno.

No bueno for my Christmas list, but MUY BUENO for my little lake house.

When I saw this pin my heart just melted.  It was love at first sight.

As much as I LOVED having an April wedding, a winter wonderland would've been my second choice FOR SURE.  I mean, look at these centerpieces! 

So off to the antique store we went.  We snagged a little pair of skates, hit up our local Walmart for some spraypaint, and after a pit stop at Michael's we were ready to go.

I just LOVE how they turned out.  Next year I'm going to add some sparkle...but to be honest, I am all crafted out for the season.

We crafted, we drank, we glued & now time to sit back & enjoy how it all turned out! 

Now honey, go pour me another.

Don't forget to link up with Katie & Steph to show off your goods! 


What's your favorite piece of decor you have laying around the house this holiday season?

Santa wants to know....


Unknown said...

That is freaking cute! Now I need to keep my eye out for old skates!

Sam said...

cute! i have never seen this one!