Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So tell me....right or left?

I am a dinosaur.
When it comes to technology that is.....

While most people would get excited about the purchase of a new digital camera, this crazy brod
did not.

 I mean, what the hell is a megapixel? 
I have studied and read & studied some more.
I am now the megapixel queen. 
I know more about megapixels than I ever cared to know.
 And don't even get me started on optical zooming.

But, like any good blogger, no major life decision is made without advice from YOU.

I've narrowed it down to these two Samsung beauties.

My first priority was for the camera to be smart
Who wants a stupid camera?
 And for the record, when did everything become smart?  Smartphone, smart plunger. 
What, you don't have a smart toilet plunger so you can share photos directly from your toilet bowl?

But for this social media whore, no complaints here. 

After Wifi, my main want was fabulous zoom capabilities while not compromising picture quality. 
I get this from the beauty on the left. 

Decision made, right?

Not so fast.

For any self obsessed person, you've hit the jackpot with the one on the right. 
Now, i'm not obsessed with myself, but I am obsessed with my niece & nephews.  And this baby has animation that pops up on the screen in order to catch the attention of any little one you're photographing. 

Now that's one smart camera right 'dur.

So, it is now decision time. 
I know you ladies know your cameras as I see your beautiful photos week after week. 

Right or left?

And I can't promise that I'm not one of those people who ask for advice &
then do the exact opposite.

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Jordon said...

Having the screen on the front is perfect for takin' selfies. My cannon has a screen that flips around it and has taken my selfie quality to a whole other level :)

Kait said...

Oh you're talking to the wrong crazy on technology. But ask Sarah, because she whipped out a super fancy camera this weekend..And it was right then and there that I knew she was a real blogger.

SH said...

Good luck with your final decision! CHoosing a camera can definitely be confusing and overwhelming.

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