Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bottle Pets!

Can someone please tell me what we did before the internet??? Probably save ALOT of money. 
Last month, while online shopping for Christmas presents, I came across this brilliant idea...

I mean, what are they going to think of next!?!? 

I mean, a baby bottle that looks like a COW! Hahahaha.  I just love it.

Lara loves it, too. 
She was NOT happy when the cow had emptied it's "utter." 
How's that for a play on words?
Besides the cuteness factor, it's practical as well.  It helps your little learn to hold their own bottle.  I can't wait to see Lara holding her little cow in the coming months!  And let's be honest, who's not excited for their little to learn how to feed themselves?
If you don't dig the cow, there a ton of other options. 
Check out their website here and Happy Shopping!
***This product was gifted to me, however the opinions are solely my own***


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