Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day: First Edition

What an awesome day it was.  I tell you what, there's nothing cooler than showing your kid off.  I'm just so dang proud of her.

I fully realize others may not think she's as cool as I do, but what I find most fun in this world these days, is toting her around and watching her bring a smile to everyone she meets.

That....that's the best mother's day present of all.


We started the morning with a fresh cup of coffee and a few little gifts.  My favorite gift of all, the card.  As you all know, I love me a good card and Jon knocked it out of the park this year.

A mommy mermaid & baby mermaid.

Lara was clearly enamored with it as well!

The note inside, sweetest ever.  Tears were shed.

Then we opened a couple gifts.  A digital frame which I've SO been wanting and Miss. Lara picked out a beautiful bangle for mommy.  Photos to come of the bangle. It's adorable.  
Girl's got good taste.
She get it from her mama.

A few hours later, we loaded up and headed into the office.  As some of you know, I work for a senior living company.  I'm the Director of Sales & Marketing.  

In case you were wondering, senior citizens LOVE babies. 

 Like, really love.

It was so neat getting to see these mothers have so much joy in remembering their first mother's day, many, many years ago.  When they see Lara, it must remind them of the days when their now grown children, were little babes like her.  The smiles they share are ones I'll always remember.  

These moments, they remind you to cherish every single second because in the blink of an eye, she'll be grown, taking care of me.

We had quite the day delivering cupcakes, flowers & of course, the Sunday paper.

This sweet girl was the cutest "paper girl" I've ever seen.

Around lunch time, we began making our rounds with the flowers.
100 of them to be exact.

We delivered flowers to every lady we saw!

Then she started eating the flowers.  And the leaves off the stem.  
And I was sweating like a beast trekking around with 10 flower bouquets, a baby in a stroller and a massive camera around my neck all while trying to keep her from eating the petals and prying them out of her hand to give to the residents.  
Sounded great in theory, not so easy to execute.
It got a little crazy toward the end, but memories I'll never forget.

A mother's day for the books!

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Sarah said...

What a great day! She is such a cutie!