Thursday, May 21, 2015

Moving Day.

Well, that sure snuck up on us.

Tomorrow, we'll load up and drive away from our very first home.  Our home sweet lake home.  I'm not sure what I'm sad about most.  Selling the house or the pontoon?  

I almost didn't sit down and write this post because it's been a pretty emotional few weeks leading up to tomorrow.  Sometimes, when you're feeling blue, it's easier just to not talk about it.  So that's what I've done.  Radio silence on the 'ol blog.

But I got to thinking, this house is just to damn important to me to not throw it a little tribute. 

We bought this house three short years ago, not knowing how much our lives would change when we decided to make ourselves a little human.  As wonderful as these past three years have been in this home, we know it's a smart move for our growing family.  Living directly on the water isn't very conducive to tiny toddlers running around unattended in the backyard if you catch my drift.

We enjoyed many a night out on the patio listening to the water...

We spent many weekends docked up with our neighbors, cold beer in hand.

I purchased more swimsuits than one should ever own.

No, but seriously.

Now it's time to jump into a new adventure.


This home needs love on every popcorn ceiling, every single wall and every nook and cranny the eye can see.

Thankfully, we're ready to love on it for many years to come!!!

Stay tuned.....

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