Friday, August 10, 2012

Romantic Weekend for Deuce.

Deuce as in two.  Not deuce as in a nice poop.  Just to clarify.

This afternoon we are headed off for a romantic weekend at the resort where we got married last April.  I don't think it's possible to be more excited than I am right now. 

A little back story.  We had our romantic getaway booked a few months ago for our one year anniversary (April 23rd)...and the Tuesday before our weekend retreat, they called us and had to cancel our weekend. 

Assholes.  I know.

They took on a multi million dollar reno the fall after we got married and needless to say, they were behind schedule.  I was hysterical.  We had planned long before we got married to spend our anniversary weekends there...and to not be able to, for our very first anniversary, was just devastating.

Yes, I may be a bit melodramatic.  I'll own that.

Needless to say, they hooked us up with a romantic weekend for two INCLUDING a gift certificate to their Spa for any weekend of our choosing post reno....hell yes.

It'll be so nice to go back to where Jon & I first began this journey we call marriage.

The spa where I had my hair trial the night before....and spent they day of the wedding, surrounded by my amazing bridal party.

To enjoy time in our suite where my girls & I (including Miss Belle) spent the day of the wedding, kicking back and laughing our asses off.  All in anticipation of that moment where you slip your gown on for the final time....

To walk down the aisle again to the beautiful gazebo where we said "I Do"...

My Handsome Nephew, Jack
My Beautiful Mom & Aunt Nancy Directly Behind

To visit the antiquated downtown strip where we took our pre wedding shots...

And enjoy some cold vino where we hosted our rehearsal dinner @ a little family owned Winery, The Mercantile.

And to step into the ballroom where we partied the night away in celebration of finally becoming Mr. & Mrs!

My Beautiful TriD Sistah's

 Oh, to go back to that day and do it all again! 
April 23rd, 2011 

Best weekend of my life & I'm so thankful those memories are just a short car ride from Kansas City!

Bring it on weekend. 

Bring. it. on.


Stephanie said...

Beautiful photos! I love them!! So exciting that you get to go back to the same spot and celebrate one year (well 1 year plus but at least they threw in some free stuff) Congrats!


What a gorgeous place! I love seeing your wedding photos! We both used green & purple! Have fun! I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!

Wine and Summer said...

SO beautiful!! Have a great time!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Your dress is STUNNING! I love it!

I don't blame you for being hysterical, I totally would be too. I'm glad they hooked you up with a deal. Where is this in KC? I used to live there! Sometimes I really miss it.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

jami lynn said...

Hope you two have a romantical weekend together, the resort looks gorgeous! Love your wedding photos; your dress, the boots, color scheme, all of it!

We celebrate anniversaries a day apart, my husband and I were married the day before you on the 22nd :)

Alyssa said...

Have an amazing, amazing time!!! Looks like so much fun!!

You are your mom totally look like sisters, by the way! You could be twins! (And I mean that in a great way!)

Sara K said...

that looked like one hell of party! love the red wall shot of you and your gals (the colour of those dresses is ahhh-mazing).
happy 1 year newlyweds! and enjoy your spa weekend getaway when the resort gets their acts together ;) xo