Monday, August 27, 2012

Well, hello there relaxation.

This. weekend. was. delicious.

Jon & I had ZERO plans and it. was. glorius.

But definitely doesn't make for an exciting post full of photos.  My apologies.

Friday night we stayed in & ate pizza....the exact same way we ended our Sunday.  Pizza goin' into the weekend and pizza goin' out. 

Don't judge.

At least I ran off SOME of the pizza calories Saturday morning.

Saturday night was full of vino, food, bourbon & more food.  Aka:  Xenos Date Night.

Hey, the local saloon had happy hour from 9-10:00 pm.  $2.50 everything.

We had to take full advantage.

Sunday morning I got all house-wifey on Jon's ass & made breakfast for two...

Or three.

Breakfast was followed by....

And then play time.

All in all.

Great weekend full of great pizza.

I hope your weekends were just as glorius.

Of course I'm linking up with the fabulous girls for their weekly link-up.

Looking forward to perusing around blog land to see what all of you beauties were up to as well!

And in closing, can I just say...these next 48 hours are going. to. be. torturous. 

Closing Day:  Wednesday.

Get. here. now.


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Sounds delightful!! And that pup id TOO cute!!

Thanks for linking up :)

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Hello lovely happy hour. Got to love those :) & your little pup is too cute!

Unknown said...

$2.50 everything?!? Your golf cart is bad ass. :)

Kait said...

You showed that golf cart who's boss! LOVE IT! And love that you ate pizza twice--a girl after my own heart!

Laura said...

I want your puppy!

kjpugs said...

Your weekend sounds great! I would like to kill your dog's cute little face. Also- lovin' the camo! It's almost Wednesday woot!! Can't wait to hear when it's over!

Sarah said...

We have often been ending our weekends with frozen pizzas and it has been fabulous. We had our last one for a while though this past Sunday...we started p90x2 yesterday = 0 fun food for a long time.

Amy said...

Good luck with your closing girl!! Those breakfast & nap pictures - that is one of my favorite things to do! Eat, followed by sleep :) Your pup is THE cutest little thing too!!

Jordan said...

Sounds lovely! I love pizza/alcohol infused weekends. Oh, the simple things in life.

Alyssa said...

Your weekend sounds amazing!! I'm jealous! :)