Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Incision Scars: 101

Really, scarring? That's the best I come up with this Wednesday morning?

On a serious note, I have been dying to talk to you all about a super new way to minimize scarring.

Unless you have big knockers and have contemplated a breast reduction in the past, you're probably not aware of how many incisions you come out with.

Stop reading now if this stuff grosses you out.

They cut underneath your entire breast, around the nipple and actually replace your nipple higher up.

It's actually really frickin' cool if you think about it!

But even with how awesome the results ate, you're left with some gnarly scars if you don't take care of 'em.

My surgeon is pretty radical in his techniques but thats why I love him.

His getting rid of the scar technique includes one thing: PAPER TAPE.

Yep, paper tape ya 'all.

I put it on every morning (and will for three months). I then remove it in the shower the following morning.

I pondered whether I would show this picture or not, and decided to go with it.

It's my blog and I pledge to ALWAYS be 100% honest and open.

So here's one of my incision sites below the breast.

Mind you my surgery was only 6 weeks ago. Look how transparent it's already becoming!

I wanted to tell you all in case you have sone fresh scars...try this method! If those scars aren't in a visible spot of course, like your face. That might be weird. A piece of white paper tape across your cheek. What the hell.

So what do you girls think? What methods do you use to get rid of those nasty scars??


Alyssa said...

That is really cool!! Thanks for sharing that tip!

Jami said...

Wow, no idea about paper tape helping with scars. Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for sharing and being so brave as to post the photo - love your honesty. I think honesty makes the best bloggers. You're a rock star!

kjpugs said...

One of my friends showed me hers (a WHILE after surgery) and you could barely see her scar- I wouldn't have noticed if she hadn't told me how they do the procedure (hers was done the same way as yours.) It's so amazing what modern medicine can do! The tape trick is cool too... growing up we had to put vitamin E on anything that looked like it would scar. It helped a lot too!

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