Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Bachelorette Dish: Episode One


Thanks for joining my co host and I for our FIRST Tuesday of Bachelorette gossip!!

Listen ya 'all, I could gossip about these episodes for hours on end with whoever will listen. So Meg and I thought, why not create a forum where all of us junkies can gossip loud and proud.

Don't hate all you non Bachelor/Bachelorette fans. We all have our guilty pleasures!

Mine just happen to include wine & trash tv.

Also, if you get a second, check out my fabulous co-host & her blog, More From Meg. She's fabulous and her and her blog is pretty cute too!

Can I just start by saying...thank the good Lord that Monday is OVER. The best part about the day was when 8:30 rolled around so I could get my Bachelorette fix. Seriously Dancing With The Stars...I'm over you and your 7:00 Monday night time slot.

Get a life.

As I said earlier, I ain't ashamed to admit that I'm a total Bachelor/Bachelorette junkie. I love 'em all, even Brad's 800 seasons. But this season is truely one for the ages. Emily. Don't tell my husband, but I would date her for crying out loud. That chick is foxy. Rockin body, rockin hair, rockin smile and a genuine heart. These guys LUCKED out.

And I hope I don't get burned at the Bachelorette stake for saying this, but I wasn't that impressed with this group! I thought there would be much better lookin' fellas than there were!

My front runner picks this season are as follows:

Ryan. Best entrance of the night with the cute, hand drawn sign telling her how nervous he was. Humble and sweet.

Chris from Chicago. The chemistry is SO there between these two.

Biggest shocker....were the sparks between THESE two. Jef. Good entrance, yes. Good match for Emily, absolutely not. Does this guy see ready to give her lots of babies?

Mike from Austin. I thought his entrance was super sweet, however I didn't notice fireworks
...we shall see!

And....KALON. The villain. You used to be loud and obnoxious, really?
So there ya have it. My faves of the night.
Who did you all fall in love with????

P.S. Meg & I's ONLY RULE...No spoilers ALLOWED!!


Alyssa said...

Oh my gosh, I HATE Dancing with the Stars! I watched until Gavin got voted off and then I just couldn't put myself through it anymore haha.

henning love said...

i forgot long hair guy yes he is a favorite of mine too!! but i have a feeling she won't keep him around a long time. he seems too shy or something. and that is not a spoiler just an assumption!