Friday, May 25, 2012

Nail Polish & Lingerie, Bitch

The Nail Files
"What? Did she just call me a Bitch?"

Damn right I did. I have mint colored nails.

Am I weird or does having a super cool nail color make you feel like a badass?

Ask Tara or Vicki. I bet they'd agree.

If you're nails don't make you feel really badass, then you're wearing the wrong color my friend.

For me, I felt badass the minute I painted on of this minty fresh hue.

However I could have used a little of that badass-ness upon PURCHASING the polish...

Who goes to a store to buy new polish & some hot pink leopard lingerie.

This girl.

Do you know how uncomfortable I felt in the check out line? All eyes on the weirdo with nail polish and lingerie.

As the stares beamed thru me, I kept imagining what these people were thinking.

Boy, she must be in for a wild night.

But I held my head high and tried to minimize the blushing.

After all folks, I was about to have minty fresh nails.

Where might someone buy lingerie and nail polish under one roof one might ask?


Don't judge me.

The lingerie polish is pretty hot.


Unknown said...

I have that colour too and I love it! Bad-ass girls unite! :)

Vicki said...

I'm ALL for Bad-ass colors!!!! I can't wait for my next mani/pedi (I've been needed to go more "neutral" lately for various occasions) but this week its back to FUN! :-)

Jessica said...

You crack me up! Love the mint.

tara said...

LOVE that color! i'm all about bad ass nail polish! hope you have a great weekend!

Kimberlee said...

What an awesome name!

kjpugs said...

I love that color, I did minty colors last week and it was a nice change from the usually warm tones I use.

Also I know what you mean about the awkward check-out... I once bought myself a huge bottle of wine and a zucchini.

I was making baked zucchini fries and indulging in some wine with dinner, but it looked like I had a fun night for one planned. Sorry, Fresh Market patrons!