Sunday, March 25, 2012

Clandestine Bloggers

I was visiting the other day with my amazingly wonderful (while extremely blunt and direct) mother, about this here blog.

She's always been one I can truly count on to put me in my place when needed, sroke my ego when I'm needing a little pick me up and lastly, she can give a solid critique when it comes to writing.  She is a fabulous writer and always has been.

I reached out to her as I wanted some guidance on the direction I need to take with my little creation here in blog land, Newly.....Everything. 

She had a great point with her response, "....It would be nice sometimes if you would write about your viewpoint on things...or what you are going through....what it is like to be your age.  It seems to me that bloggers are reaching out and telling what their life is like.  People that read blogs may enjoy hearing what your life is see they are ok, too. You know?"

Yes, mother.  I know.  And she's right again.

So, I'm going to work harder on being more open about myself, who I am as a person and the different adventures I am embarking on.  I chose the word adventure because I truly feel that everything we do in life should be looked at as an adventure. 

This new little blog here has been an adventure and continues to be so week after week.  I love checking out the stats & seeing how many people are taking a look at my little corner of the blog universe.  It's amazing watching it grow week by week. 

In closing I'd like to bring up one of the main things I've learned so far.  Because aren't all of us bloggers learning as we go along here in cyberspace?

What I've learned is that there are two kinds of people here in blog land.  Clandestine Bloggers & Bloggers.  The clandestine crew skims over the blogs of their choosing week after week, really liking the blogger and enjoying following their posts.  As time goes on they begin to feel as if they know the person however never leaving a trace of their existence.  I used to be like that.  I have followed some blogs for over a year...while never leaving ONE comment.  I was kind of a creeper.  I'll admit it.

Now that I've become a blogger myself, I now realize how important it is to drop my fellow bloggers a comment every now and again.  To shed that clandestine skin and let them know that someone out there is reading and someone out there thinks they're pretty cool....

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Laura said...

Your mom is right! Some of my favorite bloggers are the ones who share life experiences. Good post Anne!