Monday, March 19, 2012

Wedding Week Link Up!!

Totally loving this link up party idea over at Just A Touch of GrayJ and I are coming up on our one year wedding anniversary and being one of those brides that loved EVERY SECOND of wedding planning, I'm totally down for any excuse to re live that amazing time in J & I's life!!

My top three pointers for brides to be are as follows...

1. Choose a fantastic photographer that you feel totally comfortable with. We chose an up and coming new photographer and good friend of ours, Shawnee Barron I could not have been more thrilled with her creativity, charm, professionalism, and calm presence! The last thing you need is a wound up, high strung demeanor in your photographer.

2. TAKE YOUR TIME IN CHOOSING OUTFITS! People underestimate this part. Choose darker materials...hello, can we say slimming! And try to color coordinate without being cheesy. We matched J's shirt to my red boots. Random but I thought it worked!

3. Utilize your different personalities!! I mean, that's why you fell in love, right? J is super country and I'm super city. We did half country shots then changed clothes and (my hair) and did some snazzy city shots where he proposed. Loved being able to shoot at the proposal spot....super sentimental!

Here's a few of my favorite shots! Enjoy!

Now onto the proposal spot, overlooking my other love, KANSAS CITY!!