Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedding Week Link Up: Part Two, The Rehearsal Dinner

Im always down for a good party...especially a link up party! Here goes part two!
Have I ever mentioned that I love wine....almost as much as I love my husband. So, it only makes sense that we hosted our Rehearsal Dinner at a winery.
J & I were married in an adorable little town in Excelsior Springs, Missouri at a rustic old 1940-esque resort called The Elms.
I loved the fact that it was only an hour or so outside Kansas City however it gave the guests the treat of a weekend "getaway."
We had such a blast the year we took to plan as we were able to take day trips to Excelsior with our families and bridal party to show them the plans we had made.
One of my favorite spots in Excelsior was an adorable little winery on main street called Willow Spring Mercantile.
I fell in LOVE the minute I walked in the little brick building and just knew it was the perfect, intimate setting we were looking for.  And believe me, I enjoyed PLENTY of bottles of wine there the year leading up to the wedding.  I mean, we had to keep them in business & I think we did our share. 
My advice to planning brides when picking the spot:  If it feels right, then it's right.  Book immediately!
Listen ladies, you've spent endless hours agonizing over every last wedding detail, what color of ties for the groomsmen, and tasted WAY too many wedding cakes.  Don't do it to yourself on this one.
If it feels good and you fall in love with the setting, just go with it!
Keep it simple. 
We did have to do a little seating arrangement as the place was tight. What I did was picked out about 12 celebrity couples (famous....and infamous.  Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky.  Yes please..ha!)
Each centerpiece included a photo of a famous couple.  The kids table was Woody & Jesse.  LOVE me some Toy Story! 
Then I printed out about five copies of each and gave them to the people who would be sitting at the coinciding table.  When they walked into the winery, they found the table that had their couple as the centerpiece and there ya have it.  Simple, cheap and hilarious.
For the invites I busted out a little DIY job.  I used our engagement photos and a cute poem I found on the internet.  Just plugged in some personal touches and here ya have it!

Jon popped the question and Anne said yes
All the planning is over from  the decor to the dress
Only one thing remains for this day to be great
Practice makes Perfect
April 22nd is the date
We'll practice out the ceremony
And iron out the kinks

Then it's off to the Mercantile Winery

For some dinner and some drinks

Please join the Bride & Groom to be
At 6:00 for a rehearsal
The Elms Resort

Now onto some pics!

My handsome groom!

The adorable kiddos!

My nephew

Flower girl, Addy

Ahhhhhmazing friends!!!!!

My beautiful Mom!

Back at the resort for the after party!

Last photo of the night, My beautiful bridesmaids!!!!! We love us some Natty Light. Don't judge.

The night turned out amazing! All you need is a venue that pulls on those heart strings and wonderful friends and family to fill that perfect place with love!

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