Monday, March 26, 2012

Kiss & Makeup Monday


I want to start this K&MM post with a shout out to Laura over at Under the Suburban Sun for plugging this link up party on her blog last week!  I hope some of her followers are checking out Kiss & Makeup Monday...and hopefully a few of you decide to link up and pass your makeup tips along.  The land of drugstore makeup products is ENDLESS, so why not help a blog sistah out by linking up with your FAVES and ummm, NOT SO faves.
Lord knows I've had a few NOT SO faves as of late in my reviews of the Hard Candy line at Walmart.  True testament to the fact that good packaging and cute product names DOES NOT correlate with product quality.  Sorry, Hard Candy.  But your products sucked butt.
Thanks to my beautiful friend, Erin.  I decided to switch gears this week to Almay products.  And let me tell you, what a WORLD of freakin' difference!
I am NOT too shy to admit that I have terrible bags under my eyes.  I have always been self conscious so therefore have searched high and low & spent lots of money along the way, in my search for a good concealer.  I am happy to say that I think I may have found a keeper, at least for awhile.
Check out Almay's Wake Up (Bitch!) Concealer.  There's really no bitch in the product name, but thought a Bitch! with an exclamation point might help wake us ALL up this Monday morning.

Product Pros:  The brush applicator tip (see below)

Pros Continued: The light cooling sensation upon application and the durability

Product Cons:  The lack of shade options & the fact that it takes a couple coats to conceal well
Here are some before & afters:

Overall I would give the product a 7 out of 10

What concealers do you gals dig these days?

Got some suggestions?  Join my link party......cuz there ain't no party like a makeup party!  Feel free to link up with general makeup tips or product reviews, whichever you prefer! And come back next week to hear my thoughts on.....


hollybeary creations said...

I'm totally dating I remember when Hard Candy first came out and it was awesome! They had the coolest colors and glitter polishes. You could only buy it online or at a Sephora. The quality has really gone down now that they are in Wal-mart which is sad.

Laura said...

So sorry I am so late Anne! I worked today and was in such a rush this morning I forgot!
Thanks for the heads up on hard candy! I remember when you could only get it at Sephora too!